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Pelham Summer Experience 2017

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An Aesop Adventure: The Musical
Campers will explore the stories and songs of the children’s musical "An Aesop Adventure." Aesop’s c..
Modern Strategy Board Gaming
Explore the wide world of modern, strategy, board-gaming. From Resource Management, Worker Placement..
Architecture through the Ages
Campers will learn about architecture as they make Greek columns, Roman triumphal arches, Gothic gar..
Babysitting & First Aid
Babysitting is not just for girls anymore. Lots of parents are looking for mature, qualified teenage..
Ballroom Dancing
Work closely with Pelham’s award winning dancer Nate Bloom and Eastchester Dance teacher and choreog..
Baseball Ball Park Arch.
Campers will learn the history of baseball parks and design their own with an instructor who has att..
Basic Photography
Say Cheese! Campers learn how to take great pictures with digital cameras! They learn how to photogr..
Become your own Author
Become your own Author is an engaging experience for those campers who love to express their creativ..
Beginner Band
Beginner Band is designed for beginner, band campers interested in becoming better players and music..
Beginner Rocketry
Elementary campers will learn how to build beginner rockets from scratch! These simple rockets will ..
Beginner Theatre
This course is designed for campers who are interested in learning about the basics of becoming acto..
Broadway Dance
Campers will explore dance in the musical genre, learning choreography to current musicals. The emph..
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