Multiple Intelligences: Theory & Practice (SED 672)

  • Program: Lower and Mid-Hudson-at Eastchester High School Library
  • Audience: Teachers
  • Dates: 7/17/2017 to 7/21/2017

SED 672 The College of Saint Rose

This course translates the research of Howard Gardner into practical, dynamic, and motivational teaching strategies. Participants learn how Gardner derived his theory, the definitions of the eight intelligences, and how these intelligences can be developed in students at all grade levels. The course provides participants practical strategies for awakening all of the eight intelligences, techniques for developing them, and tools to structure lessons and units that incorporate all of the multiple intelligences.

Required Text: Eight Ways of Knowing: Teaching for Multiple Intelligences, ISBN #9781575171180. Books can be purchased at your favorite bookstore.

Sponsored by Teacher Institute of Lower Westchester, and they collect a $50 site fee.

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