Action Research Grants 2016-2017

                 TILW 2016-2017 Action Research Grants

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During this school year, 2016-2017, TILW will be awarding ten Action Research Grants to Eastchester and Tuckahoe teachers. The purpose of these grants is to support teachers in their quest to grow professionally. Your proposal must reveal how you will receive professional development from your research.These grants are for work that will be completed during the 2016-2017 school year. Grants can be used to take courses, attend workshops or conferences, purchase materials for professional libraries, and/or conduct independent or group research on an educational subject. The maximum amount for each grant is $300.00. Groups may submit one proposal, but must outline all expenses and the name and role of each applicant. At the discretion of the TILW Policy Board Members, an approved group proposal will fund each member no more than $300.00.  All grant recipients will be required to write a brief summary of the work they complete. At times, we may ask grant recipients to share materials and/or present learned information.

Grant proposals will be read anonymously by the TILW Policy Board Members.

Application deadline for the Spring 2017: April 1, 2017.




1. Lisa Lindsay-Jones of Greenvale School will take a two-day course called, Little Flower Kids Yoga Teacher Training. The course offers a comprehensive certification in yoga and mindfulness practices for children and youth, ages 3 to 18. Victoria is looking forward to implementing what she learns.

2. Victoria Borsella of the Waverly School will implement flexible seating in her kindergarten classroom. She will observe and interview students to conduct action research, creating a change in classroom structure and philosophy. * It must be noted that three other teachers applied for the same grant. The TILW Policy Board thought it wise to learn of Victoria’s results before dispensing the other grants. If all goes well, the other teachers will receive the grants in the fall semester.

3. John Gibson of Eastchester High School will complete the second stage of his outdoor gardening classroom. The vertical garden is another hands-on project that can be differentiated for all students. Just as he implemented for the aquatic classroom and the butterfly ecosystem, the level of complexity will vary for each student. Each project is concrete and hands-on. John will offer a workshop on how children with special needs can learn science and apply these skills each day.

4. Christina Molinari of Eastchester High School will take a PESI course about how to help children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. She will learn over 75, quick, on-the-spot techniques to bring back to her classroom.

5. Meaghan Molloy of Tuckahoe High School attended EDCamp Manhattanville, where she joined teachers who demonstrated ways to enhance lessons and classroom activities to promote critical thinking, independence, motivation, and literacy. Meaghan would like to purchase boxes of Breakout EDU kits, which teach students how to conduct teamwork to problem solve. Meaghan will offer a workshop on implementing the ideas she learned and the Breakout EDU kits.


Here are the results:

 *Grant proposals are read anonymously by TILW teachers.

Congratulations to two teachers from Eastchester who have won the TILW Action Research Grants.  Please remember that the grants are meant to provide the opportunity for teacher PD.  Please look to apply for our Spring grants. The application process begins in February. 

Merrie Daitch of Anne Hutchinson: to add to the Professional Library, initially the three copies of PRIM--Pre-referral Intervention Manual 4th Ed., will be used by TAs for the professional growth option. They plan to develop strategies that will help children become more successful in the classroom and to then share that knowledge with the teachers in the building. We will also be buying one book to help supplement our knowledge of maker spaces--Invent to Learn: Making Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom.Victoria
Borsella of Waverly: to provide students with the opportunity to explore STEM is to give them a hands-on experience. The kits that I order will provide children with this hands-on experience. The PD involved will help her create and integrate STEM lessons into children's daily curriculum, the better chance children will develop a stronger understanding of these skills, as well as cultivate a future interest.

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